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Tri East Virtual Race 2020

The Race

This is a virtual race that competitors can take part in on any 3 consecutive days in August between the 1st and the 20th. There are race options for a duathlon or triathlon and various distances based upon age. We have also included for team entries and parents. All competitors will receive a medal for taking part.


  • Race to be completed any time between 1st and 20th August 2020

  • Must consist of 3 stages that are competed on consecutive days.

  • Only one stage to be completed on a single day. Distances are longer than normal for age group so must be competed on separate days.

  • Competitors must be able to submit garmin data (or equivalent) to show each stage has been completed.

  • You may enter either the duathlon, triathlon or both, however each race will require a separate entry. Also the same data cannot be submitted for both races.

  • Only one submission of data per race per competitor.

  • The triathlon swim must take place at an official open water venue.

  • We strongly recommend that competitors are accompanied by an adult during race stage for safety.

  • Team entries are a maximum of 4 people with no more than 1 team member from each age group. Stage times will be added together to give team result.

  • Competitors MUST NOT be paced during any stage of their race. Anyone suspected of being paced will be disqualified.

  • The officials decision on any penalties or disqualifications is final.

Submitting of race data

  • When all stages have been completed competitors must submit screen shots of their garmin data (or equivalent).

  • Screenshot MUST include, Competitors name, type of activity, date, distance and time taken. (see example below)

  • Please submit screenshots to

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Entry cost per race per competitor is £5 and includes participant medal.

you can enter both Duathlon & Triathlon if you wish

Entry cost per team is £4 – each team member must also have an individual race entry.

To enter you must complete 2 tasks:

1) Make Payment below

2) Sign up at event bright - follow this link

There are no plans available.